Angel Investors, Seed Capital or Venture Capital

We represent several hundred Small Business Investment Companies that provide equity financing to Start-Up ventures throughout the United States.We also represent a large number of private angel investors as well as other equity sources and venture groups that are capable of financing a company’s growth.

Angel Investors and Equity Partners are a source of

Seed Capital

Venture Capital

Preliminary Expense Capital

We possess the resources to set up meetings between a Start-Up Business and an Angel investor or Equity Group who express an interest in their proposal based on their preliminary review of the presentation we will make to them on the company’s behalf. We can assist a business with access to Investors who are the most likely candidates for participation in their funding request. We are capable of assisting a Start-Up or Small Business in diversified industries.



We provide Private Funding, the lenders are not banks but Private Investment Firms and Private Investors, the transactions are not viewed as a traditional lender would (a bank with a bankable business), we provide a specific lender tailored to each transaction with an equity or debt solution. We can create a structured proposal with terms and an answer to lend within 24 to 48 hours. We can work with a Start-Up or an Operational Business with diverse transactions in Film, Commercial Real Estate, Construction, Technology, Energy, Pharmaceuticals, Agriculture and many more industries locally and internationally to secure Equity or Debt Financing Solutions. We are one of the many Private Funding Firms located in New York City.

Hall in office Hall in office

•Equity Funding

•Commercial Financing

•Debt Funding

•Bond Funding

•Financing in all industries

•Fast Closing

•Private Non Bank Lenders

•Star-up or Operating Businesses

•All 50 States and Internationally

•24 hours to receive an answer to lend



A private placement, the raising of private capital or an Initial Public Offering (IPO) is the issuance and sale of stock of a company to an institutional investor, accredited and/or non-accredited investor to procure financing and to raise capital. We can assist companies who would like to raise capital a PPM regulation A,D or S, or an IPO a Stock or Bond Offering. Clients sign up with one of our partner companies who will then take the company public providing a vehicle to raise initial capital immediately by offering discounted or preferred positions.

Capital Networking: Our network consist of various direct private funding resources including Investment Banks,Venture Capital Firms, Private Equity.

Business meeting room in office Business meeting room in office

•Initial Public Offering

•Regulation A,D or S

•Bond Offering

•Equity or Debt Offering

•Private Placement

•Legal Work, Business Valuations

Capital Raise

•Public offering for a capital raise

•Stock will be listed in two weeks

•Vehicle to raise initial capital

•Active trading on the stock exchange in 90 days

•Discounted offering of Preferred positions


Seed Capital or Private Funding can assist you in getting a head start

Seed Capital or preliminary expenses are the most challenging funds to access if the business is a start up or a business in its development stage, Operational businesses are in need of working capital or expansion capital to continue its growth, preparing your business or project to raise thousands or hundreds of millions of dollars requires access to investors with a potential interest to invest in you or your business.